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Utrecht, Netherlands


Job Description:

Job Description

  • A technical tester with affinity, and experience in, test automation;
  • Knowledge of well-known testing tooling such as Playwright, Selenium WebDriver and Robot Framework ed
  • Understanding of Pega or other low code platform is a must
  • Working with many teams inside and outside our Hub and we take services from various vendors, this sometimes requires persistence. Assertiveness is therefore an important aspect
  • Because the team is active on many fronts, as a Tester you may be busy with other activities. Besides being a team player, the candidate must therefore also be able to work independently and organise his or her own work.
  • Communicative and socially adept and knows how to achieve results by really working together
  • Together with about a dozen colleagues, you will work in the multidisciplinary customer journey team Conversational, within the Customer Interface hub. This super-skilled team consists of, among others, developers, requirements engineers, conversational designers, a scrum master and product owner.
  • In short, the focus is on (further) developing our conversational applications such as Chat, chatbots, telephony and image calling.

Job criteria

  • Bachelor or WO level, preferably in software engineering or computer science.
  • Experience with agile testing techniques, such as behaviour-driven development.
  • Experience with Pega or the idea behind testing within a low-code platform
  • Extensive experience in the (further) development of automated end-to-end tests.
  • Knowledge of DevOps, CI/CD and test automation

Contract Duration: 6 Months
Work location: Utrecht, Netherlands

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