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Newforce is an
HR Global Hiring SaaS platform


Holds a database of international talent


Automatically ranks the most suitable candidate to job requirements.


Compliance issues associated with international hire are solved efficiently by the software.


Payroll, taxation, and administrative work are managed by AI-driven technology.


Database of International Talents

Experts from all around the world can submit their resumes, fill in their skills, background information and employment preference to join the Newforce circle of talents.

The circle consists of people who have dreams and ambitions to create new products, help business development, and realise exciting projects. It is the circle of citizens of the world, who are not afraid to explore new locations in their search and careers.

When the job agreement between the employer and the candidate is reached, AI will handle compliance, visas, and payroll management responsibilities. You don’t need to worry about anything, your employer does not, nobody does, AI will do the work for you. No human labor is involved.

As an employee, once you register, you have the opportunity to explore global locations for job opportunities.

Access To International Talent Pool

Experts from all around the world can submit their resumes, fill in their skills, background information, and employment preference to join the Newforce talent foundry.

The database consists of people who have dreams and ambitions to create new products, participate in business development, and realise exciting projects. It compiles resumes of the citizens of different parts of the world, who are willing to explore new career opportunities on the international platform.

Once the job agreement between the employer and the candidate is reached, an AI-powered SaaS platform helps to handle compliance, visas, and payroll management-related responsibilities on behalf of the employer.The candidate doesn't need to worry about anything, not even the employer, because our SaaS platform & the Newforce team will do the work for them.

As an employee, once you register, you have the opportunity to explore overseas job opportunities in Europe and many more locations worldwide.


Easy job matching tool for employers

Access to the Newforce platform provides you with a unique approach to recruitment.

Once you fill in your job requirements, our software finds matches in the database and shows you a list of suitable candidates. It uses AI to find suitable resumes and rank them according to your requirements. It becomes much easier to access their profiles and contact them for further steps of the hiring process through the Newforce platform. All the needed tools are available. The software ranks the candidates having an interest in overseas jobs for you in the descending order of fitness to the job requirements.

Easy Job
Easy Compliance

Easy Compliance

Newforce is promoting international employment. We think that talent should stand above borders and legal formalities. Therefore, we have created a SaaS platform that simplifies the process of hiring an international employee.

Newforce Group has entities with sponsorship licenses and resources that are necessary to arrange work permits for foreign nationals. Locally compliant contracts are drafted for you by the AI software. Once the contracts are signed, the sequence of legal processes required for your particular case is triggered and set into motion by the software. The whole immigration process is automated and digitised. AI-driven software deals with visa arrangements and tax liabilities so that Newforce takes all the responsibilities for your paperwork and gets the stress out of your shoulders.

HR Administration and Taxation

Newforce will be the employer of record and take care of all the processes. Payment of salaries, social premiums, taxes, and all other local government documents required are done via the Newforce SaaS platform. Software is linked to banking and administrative systems and does all the processes with minimal manual intervention.

The candidate will be able to access the payroll simulator before signing a contract. The software analyses the information of both, the candidate and the potential employer, and matches it with local immigration law requirements and calculates a total cost an employer has to pay for the employee. It’s done in a few clicks of a mouse, and the employer will come to know about the final total amount that needs to be paid, everything included!

Newforce also takes responsibility for all the possible issues that may arise during the process. Every operation and step is done in the system and completed by the software. This offers the best possible experience for both the employer and the candidate.

HR Administration and Taxation

HR Solution Services

Newforce offers a wide range of services, including compliance and HR administration management. Each case requires a different set of HR services. The team using our system is going to assess the complexity of your requirement and prepare the needed package. The services are going to be performed using our proprietary system with minimal human intervention


International EOR &
PEO Services


Payroll & Salary


Employee On-Boarding


Tax Advisory &


Sponsorship Services


Labour Law

Immigration Visa

Immigration Visa
& Work Permits


Customisation and Scalability

Check Mark

Our platform is useful for all business areas and companies of all sizes. It’s equally convenient to hire one employee from the neighboring country and a whole team from different parts of the world.

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Our software adjusts to your needs and provides full flexibility with the scale and volume of operations.



We ensure guaranteed safety and security of the confidential information of the organization and its employees. Our platform is powered by our ERP system that includes multiple layers of security, access options, and protection mechanisms.


Our entities are in the compliance and payroll business for 6+ years and have earned the trust of their customers with flawless operations and a transparent business style. Newforce is compliant with the European law(s) and GDPR rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a job in Europe?

To grab a job in Europe, all you need to do is follow these easy steps:

Register with Newforce through the web portal or app,
Submit your profile and upload your updated resume,
Click on the desired jobs,
Apply instantly, and,
Track your status.

You may download the Newforce mobile app via given links:



What are the top in-demand IT skills in the Netherlands?

1. Cyber Security
2. Software Developer
3. DevOps Engineer
4. Solution Architect
5. Cloud Computing
6. AI and Machine Learning
7. Data Analytics & Data Science

Major skill buckets in demand

If you are skilled in any of the above-mentioned areas, Newforce can help you grab a job in the same.

What are the best locations for contract jobs abroad?

Some of the best locations for contract jobs abroad are:

1. The Netherlands
2. The United States
3. Poland
4. Belgium
5. Germany
6. The United Kingdom
7. Russia
8. France

What is Newforce?

Newforce is a job search portal that helps candidates find & apply for the best IT jobs abroad based on their desired location, industry, and job role. 

What is the recruitment process at Newforce?

The following is the recruitment process at Newforce:

1. Screening
2. Scheduling of interview
3. Follow-up
4. Onboarding
5. Mobility process
6. Payroll & compliance

Do I need to pay money to get a job abroad?

No. You don’t need to pay a penny to get a job abroad.

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