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About the Affiliate Program

The NewForce Affiliate Program involves administrators, educators, influencers, content producers, plus others who hold their entrepreneurial public. The entire program is free for everyone to join and enables affiliates to properly monetize the audience and earn commissions every new applicant of the program.

The Affiliates can easily earn approximately 50 INR for every referral user who registers for the jobs abroad with the affiliate link provided. The affiliates can earn more than 50,000 INR for each successful conversion. To efficiently maximize profits, every referral will have the support to offer a paid plan. For 100 users, the affiliates will earn 5000 INR after the approval of the vendor of NewForce.

After the first 100 users, when an affiliate has the next batch of 100 users, NewForce is ready to pay after 50 applicants receive a green channel vendor. It suggests the users are willing to move abroad and completely comply with the terms and conditions.

For the new affiliates, follow the steps

  • Apply to the program
  • Create affiliate links
  • Use the dashboard to check the updates
  • Check for affiliate bounty
  • Track payment as a brand new affiliate
  • Get all the necessary support as a brand new affiliate

Applying to the New force Affiliate Program

  • For new affiliates, apply to the new program (here).
  • In case you are an applicant, you are also eligible to be an affiliate and navigate the store pages in the dashboard.
  • Then, click on the 'apply today' button.
  • The application which you post must have your past experiences in terms of your skills.
  • The eligibility surpasses all the factors like language, location, expertise, audience size.

In general, all the applications of the NewForce Affiliate Program are processed within 5 days.

Approved applications

In case your suggested application is approved, you will instantly receive an email with the affiliate link so that you can start promoting NewForce, and you can take the help of some tools to start.

Rejected Applications

In case your application is denied, you will receive an email explaining the reason. There is an option to appeal the denial; you may respond to the email with all the relevant content clarifying your part.

The ethical and legal reasons, NewForce has a right to refuse some partners. Here is a list of the reasons for the rejected applications,

  • Fraudulent third-party networks
  • Wrong affiliate networks
  • Low Impact PPC Advertisers
  • Toolbar-fueled websites
  • Coupon/deal websites
  • Gambling websites
  • Gaming websites
  • False promise by applicant
  • Violations made in the FTC disclosure

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