How The Affiliate Program Works

Newforce is among the top players in the recruiting industry. Our Affiliate Program involves administrators, educators, influencers, content producers, or anyone who is in a position of relevant IT talents that match our requirements.

Our affiliate program is the first step towards relationship-building, and tasting the flavor of success with us. It’s for everyone who wants to join and enables affiliates to properly monetize the resources and earn commissions for every new referral & recruitment.

The Affiliates can easily earn approximately USD 100 (Amazon Gift Vouchers) for every referral user who registers for the overseas jobs through the provided affiliate link & gets selected by Newforce for End Client Interview. The affiliates can earn up to USD 400 for each successful recruitment (incentives vary based on the position & the geography).

To know more about our Affiliates program team, please write to

Getting started as a Candidate Referral Affiliate Partner or a Delivery Business Partner!

  • Apply to the program via our Newforce Mobile app.
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  • Please sign in and update your profile with an up-to-date resume and your current LinkedIn profile. This will help our system to parse the details & suggest reflect job openings matching your skill-set/areas of interest.
  • Please share the job posting(s) with your network.
  • For the shared job openings, those who express interest & share their resumes with you, please verify & upload them from your log-in.
  • Since you are doing it from your login, the referred candidates can be traced to you.
  • Use the dashboard to check the applicants’ status.
  • As your applicants are moved to the End Client Interview stage, you may start checking your incentives.
  • Get all the necessary support as a brand new affiliate from
  • By using our website and mobile application(s), you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions and our privacy policy (which will be updated from time to time).

Read our Terms and Conditions for becoming an affiliate business partner