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Enduring advantages of the best permanent consulting and sub contracting services

Newforce understands how important it is to hire employees with the right skill sets who can contribute to the success of your business. Whether you are a large corporation or a small business with your own human resource department, getting the right candidate not an easy thing. This is where Newforce can help.

We have the manpower that is distributed all over the world with only one purpose - finding the people with the right skill sets to meet your business needs.

You may need to hire like-minded people in a specific location or in a particular field. No matter what your business need is, our well-versed consulting and sub contracting services will find out people to help your business grow.

The NewForce team of experts across the globe involves specialists like

  • Excellent knowledge in developing technologies such as Java, SAP, .NET, J2EE, Weblogic, Websphere, Informix, Visual Basic, ActiveX, RDBMS, etc.
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting (Business Objects, Microstrategy, Cognos, Crystal Reports)
  • Data warehousing ETL, Informatica, Erwin, Ab Initio, Hyperion, Teradata, etc.)
  • Years of experience in departments like Health-care, Retail, Pharma, Biotech, Banking, Insurance domains, Brokerage, Etc.

Advantages of our Steadfast consulting and sub contracting Service

As a reliable consulting and sub contracting solutions company, we have developed approaches like never before.

  • Screening curriculum vitae.
  • Managing professional aptitude examinations.
  • In-depth interviews.
  • Checking recommendations.
  • Bargaining wages.

We allow you to concentrate on your marketing purposes without worrying about the employee selection process.

Qualified and Practical Manpower Service

The upcoming trends in the software industry, our updates the following

  • Continuously raised in the most advanced technologies over the departments of health, retail, banking, and insurance.
  • Has the right competency, expertise, and management abilities needed to work with a company and take it to more exalted ends.
  • We operate transparently to give you the aids that are honest, open, and reliable.
  • Our profession methodology requires stringent screening of CV's, in-depth discussions, cross-referencing, to guarantee the choice of the applicants with the essential ability you need.

Continual Gains from Interim consulting and sub contracting service

Your design implementation needs a staff of various specializations at different platforms. While employing permanent workers is a risk, and expensive in the long term. Therefore, hiring new staff for each stage as temporary employers in a perfect solution. We offer everyone the advanced Information Technology Resource Management Solutions, which delivers explicitly skill to match the in-house crew and allows managing the desired project within budget and very efficiently.

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