sql (structured query language)

sql (structured query language) (85190)

Wintel Application Operating System Engineer

1-4 Yrs

Full Time Jobs

Market Rate

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands


Special Requirement
  • The candidate must be educated on a higher level (HBO >) and very experienced in installing applications on a Wintel platform.
  • He has a lot of knowledge of MS SQL and knows how Always On works.
  • He has knowledge of BI components (MS BI, Essbase, BO), MS Web server, Powershell scripting, FTP, etc.
  • The team is responsible for continuity and projects. (Business and IT projects).
  • We have a daily stand up.

Looking for candidates with the right competencies:-

- Team player, but also a dependent worker

- Communicative

- Open-minded

- Analytic

- Knows how to get the right information

- Dares to say “no”

Job Description:

As a member of AOS, you aren’t responsible for the Servers, but your task is keeping the applications running.

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