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Splunk Admin

6-10 Years

Full Time Jobs

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Eindhoven, Netherlands


Job Description:

Job Description:

  • 6+ Years of experience in the management of the Splunk Environment with
    more than 4 years in Splunk administration-related tasks
  • 3+ years of experience in Splunk ES application management
  • Strong in IT Infra fundamentals like networking and operating systems
  • Good understanding of the cyber security concepts and attack patterns


Understanding of the Splunk
a. Splunk modules
b. Architecture environment (indexer, forwarder and deployment

  • On-boarding the log sources by installing the agents and configuration of
    the forwarders
  • Management of the deployment server to manage the agents
  • Implementing and deploying the index and search head clusters
  • Manage the Splunk configuration file like props. conf, index.conf, index.conf, input.conf, output.conf, limits.conf, macro.conf etc.
  • Manage users and permissions of the files

Manage and monitor the license usage
a. Create and manage license pool(s)
b. Monitor license violations etc.

  • Deploy and manage Splunk applications and add-ons
  • Perform the backup of data (hot, cold and warm backup)
  • Restoration of data from the frozen data whenever required
  • Perform the Splunk troubleshooting for the logs and application and
  • Creation and management of the dashboard reports
  • Creation and management of the knowledge objects like macro,
    event types, tags, lookups etc.
  • Create and manage users, roles and permissions

Duration: 12 months 

Location:  Eindhoven, Netherlands