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6-8 Years

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Den Haag, The Hague, Netherlands


Job Description:


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The Solution Architect 

  • SSW & NBD owns the architecture delivery of Solution
    architecture for business (in this context SSW & NBD business domain) projects, programs and products. Solution Architects (SA) are responsible for delivering solution guidance and designs to projects and running operations.

Key objectives

  • Fit for purpose IT solutions, the right portfolio fit, technical integrity, right TCO (total cost of ownership) through its life cycle and a good fit with the IT technology direction of Shell.
  • The resulting High Level Designs have a measurable impact on the effectiveness end solution getting deployed in production and measured by stakeholder satisfaction.
  • This SA position resides in the Architecture Platform & Data (APD) organization, with a stickiness to certain LOB segments. In this case the segment is SSW & NBD Segment under UP/IG/NE/PT.
  • The solution designs need to have fit for purpose and fit for future solutions, technical integrity, the right TCO (total cost of ownership) through its life cycle.
  • The Solution Architect is accountable for the high-quality architectural design and implementation - compliant with Architecture -, IRM -, and Supportability standards and strategies as well as IT General Controls. The Solution Architect ensures that existing reference architectures, technology services and other reusable elements are leveraged to the maximum degree and that the solution design conforms to the business segment architecture.

Where You Fit In?

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Where You Fit In

  • This role ensures the business outcomes and business values are delivered by
    ensuring right digital solutions applied, designed, delivered and implemented.
    This role leverages knowledge of existing portfolio of IDT landscape for
    business (SSW & NBD) domain and the current and emerging technologies and
    IDT service capabilities.
  • The individual in this position will work with Business Lead Architect, Segment
    Architects, Lead Solution architect, ITMs, product/project managers in
    architectural solution delivery, solution assurance and solution
    implementation assurance

What is the Role?

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What is the Role?
Responsibilities include:

  • Provide solution architecture development, consultancy and assurance to projects, making sure applications are well designed and conform to Shell standards and reference/segment architectures. The Solution Architect is accountable to the Project Manager, product manager(s) for the architecture of a solution being developed and implemented until the successful deployment of the solution.

This includes:

  • Being the point of call for all architecture aspects of an IT Project.
  • Being able to address and integrate the: Business Process, Data, Application,
    Technical and Information Security aspects of an IT Solution.
  • Ensure projects solution architecture is documented using the relevant
    templates, tooling and conforms to standards.
  • Coach detailed designers and business analysts in projects during their design
  • Reviewing and accepting the detailed design of an IT solution.
  • Support Segment Architects and reviews through the Architecture Review
    Board as required.
  • Take an active role in documenting, improving & maintaining the Reference
    Models in Systems Architect. Lifting project deliverables to the Conceptual
    and Logical levels.
  • Follow IT Technology developments in the market and leverage this
    knowledge in architecting solutions in Shell. Ensure solutions are ‘futureproof’
  • Stay in touch with development of standards and standard services in IT at
    Shell. To ensure the latest service developments are taken into account.
  • Pro-actively contribute to the development of the Architecture community
    and be an ambassador for Architecture. Interact with stakeholders on
    architecture issues and strategic improvements where such expertise is
  • Maintain knowledge of compliance and regulatory requirements, including
    data privacy regulations (e.g. GDPR), and ensure that those are included in
    architecture design decisions.
  • Responsible for championing and embedding Security by Design and Privacy
    by Design in projects, and to ensure that the appropriate design decisions are
    made, documented and implemented.

Work with IRM and DPO/SECO in case of unclarity around L&R requirements

  • Participate in architecture assurance activities, working closely with other
    Architecture disciplines.
  • Work closely with the Business Lead Architect and Lead Segment Architects
  • Ensure architecture artefact quality and retention in appropriate tools, e.g.
    SNOW, Enterprise Architecture Repository, BizzDesign.

What We Need from You

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  • Hard skills – 5-7 bullets of
    non-negotiable skills
  • Soft skills – 2-3 sentences
    about WHY certain skills are
  • What We Need from You?

Skills and Requirements:

  • 4 to 7 years in digital and IT with some years of (business-focused) digital and
    IT stakeholder management experience. You have a proven track record of
    digital and IT architecture impact and success.
  • Previous working Solution architecture experience
  • Stakeholder engagement is key to this role.
  • Use, derive and promote relevant guidelines, standards, reference
    architecture, tools, templates and stored artefacts to deliver architecture
    (solution, data, technical) in projects. Able to apply TOE standards and how to
    raise step-outs if needed. Assess vulnerability of technology and to explain
    relevant IRM strategy for Architecture.
  • Use and promote the standard architecture tools for creating and storing key
    architecture artefacts (focus on BizzDesign), fosters reuse. Ensure architecture
    artefact quality and retention in appropriate tools.
  • Experience in a multi-disciplined IT environment with strong background in
    Application architecture
  • Delivery-oriented with a focus on results. Agile and Product focused delivery is
    a must-have
  • Knowledge of and experience with Shell’s foundational hyperscaler, data
    platform, IPaaS, authentication and authorization, connectivity architectures
    are must have.
  • Cloud (AWS and Azure) knowledge, Open source technologies, Platform
    mindset, Data and Analytics platform, API-based integration architecture,
    CNCF landscape/Cloud native architecture preferred
  • TOGAF certification and knowledge of BizzDesign preferred
  • Ability to work in virtual teams, across time, geographical, and cultural

[Job Grade 4 Dimensions]

  • Typical Years of Experience: 4 to 7 years in IT with some years of stakeholder
    management experience
  • Minimum Education: 4-year Degree related to IT
  • Typical Job Grade of Supervisor/Manager: JG2 or higher

Contract Duration: 9 Months
Work Location: Den Haag, The Hague, Netherlands