servicenow (85463)

Business Analyst (Service Now)

1-4 Yrs

Full Time Jobs

Market Rate

Warsaw, Poland


Special Requirement
  • Driving Digital Service transformation campaign across GCIO by completing the integration of all existing services and capabilities available in the Catalog,
  • Extend Digital transformation to other areas within GCIO to provide a consistent and end-to-end Customer experience to all CS employees, not only across technology services but also HR, GBSS, data and application services.
  • Modernize TechStore by enabling mobile channels, leveraging out of the box modules from ServiceNow, and investigate a proof of concept, Developer Corner feature, to enable the developer community to store documentation, frameworks and open-source solutions.
  • Major Stakeholders/Customers: BUS, ESS, HDS, AppDev, Requestors of GCIO Services
Job Description:
  • We are urgently looking for a Business Analyst with Service Now experience.
  • This program will continue to evolve & restructure GCIO product and process-based offerings into services that are aligned with business value and recognize the customer's experience as a key component in a well-managed, efficient, and professional IT capability.