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Azure Architect

1-4 Yrs

Full Time Jobs

Market Rate

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Special Requirement
  • 9 to 12 years of experience(C2 grade)
  • Rich knowledge of Machine Learning Life Cycle (Concepts & Challenges)
  • Experience with Microsoft Azure machine learning components
  • Knowledge of using Python for data prep and data science, notebook-based data analysis solutions like Jupyter or Azure Synapse
  • Create and configure appropriate cloud resources to meet the needs of the end-users, including Azure Kubernetes Clusters, Machine Learning Workspaces, and compute instances.
  • Creation and maintenance of pipelines in Azure DevOps in order to automate the deployment of code and resources (CICD).
  • Monitor cloud-based systems and components to ensure availability, performance, reliability, security, and efficiency.
  • Capable of meeting non-functional requirements and service level agreements.
  • Work with platform users to understand requirements and use cases, and to advise on strategy and best practices for use of the platform.
  • As needed, document topology, processes, and solution architect
Job Description:

We are looking for an Azure Architect.

Duration:- 6 Months

Location:- Mumbai and Bangalore

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