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MS Intune L2

1-4 Yrs

Full Time Jobs

Market Rate

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India


Special Requirement

Modern Device Management:

  • Windows Autopilot
  • Hybrid and Azure AD join
  • CMG and Co-Management

Intune/Azure AD - User Management:

  • On boarding of new users.
  • Assigning User Licenses for the users for endpoint configuration.
  • Creating, editing or deleting Azure Active Directory (AAD) User and Device groups.

Intune/AAD - Application Creation and Deployment/Assignment

  • Uploading and Configuring LOB applications (Windows, iOS and Android).
  • Uploading and Configuring OEM Store applications (Microsoft, Apple and Google).
  • Deploy LOB applications to endpoints.
  • Deploy OEM Store applications to endpoints.
  • Deployment of LOB/Store applications to a group of users (AAD user groups).
  • Monitor application deployment status.

Intune - Service Administration

  • Assignment of subscriptions and licenses to users.
  • Apple APN cert Management (renewal)
  • Android for Work (Google), Apple Business Manager (Apple), Autopilot (Microsoft).
  • Device settings configuration to enable Azure AD join (for Windows 10 devices)
  • Auto enrollment configurations of MDM (for Windows 10 devices)
  • Reporting.

Intune - Mobile Application Management

  • LOB Applications Wrapping.
  • App protection policies configuration on managed applications.
  • Conditional Access.


Intune - Device/Profile Management

    1. Configuration policies like Device restrictions, Enterprise Wi-Fi profile, domain join profile etc.
  • Create, Maintain, Update, Deploy and Delete policies
  • Compliance Policies
    1. iOS, Android and Windows.
  •  Device Life Cycle
    1. Enrollment process of endpoints (iOS, Windows 10 and Android).
    2. Retire and Wipe Devices.

 AAD/Intune - Conditional Access

  • Create, Maintain, Update, Deploy and Delete Conditional Access policies
  • CA for Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS.
Job Description:

We are looking for MS Intune L2.

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