IT support consultant


3-10 Years

Full Time Jobs

Market Rate

Fürstenwalde, Germany


Job Description:

The role is to be on the client's Site and help with IT hardware support. This is a support role to fix laptop issues/network issues.


  • Maintenance, care and documentation of the IT infrastructure at the Client's Site
  • Ensuring a trouble-free IT infrastructure at the site / ensuring trouble-free production processes
  • Planning machine networking with IT / assisting with implementation/documentation
  • Responsible for the introduction of new systems and PC solutions for production
  • Ensuring the flow of information from the machine (PLC) to the higher-level Level 2/3 system
  • Deployment in the event of system/machine malfunction.
  • Analyze/adapt / provide data from machine controls as required
  • Comply with global IT standards and policies
  • Implement plant-specific requirements with visualization, recipe management and MDE systems