facebook Front End Engineer

Front End Engineer


6-8 Years

Full Time Jobs

Market Rate

Den Haag, The Hague, Netherlands


Job Description:

FrontEnd Engineers (senior/medior)

  • Tech stack: TypeScript, JavaScript, React (or Vue, Angular, Svelte and eagerness to work with React)
  • Experience with: CSS3/Sass, HTML5, Next.js or Remix, Jest or Cypress or any other testing library, GraphQL
  • Nice to have: Gitlab pipelines/Github actions, Node.js, AWS Cognito, Serverless Stack / CDK

MB - Accelerated Growth

The current AS IS model of e-Mobility Pricing is fragmented across various channels. There is a lack of industry-standard/strategic vision to leverage pricing as a differentiator in the markets and also leverage Shell’s Fuels pricing principles/experience. Few snippets of current AS IS but not limited to:

  • Lack of automated differentiated, location-based pricing
  • Premium product pricing
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Multi-Tier pricing – offer, subscription, bundling etc
  • Competitor-based pricing
  • In principle, there is an imminent need for an independent pricing engine/brain as a
  • Shell's differentiator aligns with the strategic e-Mobility business vision

Risk of not performing

  • Competitors are faster in the market with new pricing models
  • Build complexity underestimated
  • Interfaces too difficult to be operated


In scope

  • High-level features: Determine the high-level requirements for EVPS
  • Solution Selection: Determine the EVPS system platform (buy/build/hybrid)
  • Design: Landscape architecture for integration design with existing CPMS/ eMSP backend solutions
  • Build Development estimation for MVP + full scope; mobilize and recruit product team
  • Deployment: Deployment roadmap across markets
  • Operations: Establish operational model business+IDT+vendors

Contract Duration: 6 months 

Work location: Haag, The Hague, Netherlands