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Job Description:

Your qualifications

  • several years of experience in implementing JavaScript/TypeScript, Node.js and Express
  • Very good knowledge of React, Redux, Redux Saga and Websockets
  • Several years of experience in Test Driven Development (especially tests with Cypress and Unit Tests)
  • Experience with Message Driven Architectures (MDA), Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) and their implementation
  • Experience with MongoDB

Your tasks

  • Support and conception, development and optimization of complex , innovative software solutions in the Typescript full stack using the latest technologies and agile procedures
  • Implementation of technical requirements using functional programming (Lodash/fp)
  • Development of a software solution for the implementation of customer-specific requirements for the operational infrastructure
  • Willingness to familiarize yourself with complex technical relationships regarding railway infrastructure data (switches, tracks, signals)
  • Technical advice and coordination with the employees of the technical specification

Contract Duration: 12 Months
Work Location: Germany

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