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SME Data Migration Analyst

1-4 Yrs

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Special Requirement

Job Description:

  • The SME Data Migration Analyst will be able to use key data movement tools / accelerators 
  • (Beyond Compare) + experience with having required privileged access to resources and file shares (local or global) to facilitate management of data transfers.
  • Detail orientated with the background in file shares and/or server management preferred to enable safe and structured data migrations.
  • Capable of managing technical tasks such as permissions management,
    executing VB script, PowerShell, batch scripting and remediation of unexpected technical blockers.
  • The role is to function in a set of high demand projects and will require capabilities to manage mission critical, high complexity, and aggressive timelines to find integration or separation success of GSK’s Mergers, Acquisition and Divestiture portfolio of projects.
  • The role will require flexible working to accommodate to deliver the project needs of the business including weekends.
  • Key capability will require hard technical skill and soft skill capabilities to
    work as an individual contributor within a team supported environment.
  • The SME analyst will also assist in the onboarding, training, and lead guidance of Data Migration analysts supplied from our Strategic partner.
  • The SME Analyst will function as a key contributor to the SME Lead
    Migration Analyst and will report to the Data Tech Enablement Portfolio Lead.

Key Tasks:

  • Liaise with data disposition team analysts, data custodians and functional leads to identify with business the file shares containing data in scope and record this information in the manifests. 
  • Validate and check the information in the discovery logs and liaise with data disposition leads to request clarification.
  • Consult, confirm and record the data separation approach for each file share
  • Input into the primary mapping manifest list and ensure unique file share name
  • Recognize , record, and separate data within complex permissions held on file shares or
    folders as requested by Data Disposition team. 
  • Be capable of being POC for unstructured data separation queries from the region
  • Track data movements of business data from discovery logs of U: drives to destination 
  • Liaise with local IT teams
  • Assist in arranging/tracking shipments of portable drives
  • Discover and record data custodians for each transferred file share
  • For live GSK retained file shares work with the data disposition analysts to create new access control lists membership 
  • Communicate with staff for data in scope, timing of data freeze and separation process 
  • Attend meetings with functions and tech teams to provide tech consultation
  • Assist in setting up scripting jobs for BCompare copying, BCompare reports and Avamar jobs. 
  • Log into servers to check file shares and permissions 
  • Onboarding, training, and provide technical guidance for new team members as required 
  • Flex and slide between projects as required by the Data Tech Enablement Portfolio lead
Job Description:

Currently, We are looking for SME Data Migration Analyst position.