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Cloud Architect (Azure)

1-4 Yrs

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Special Requirement

Cloud_Architect Azure

Experience in

  • Cloud consulting that includes providing technical and business insights to Customers
  • Development and implementation of Azure cloud architecture, technical feasibility, and supervising migrations and corresponding issues.
  • Designing and implementing cloud and on-prem solutions in a hybrid environment
  • Act as a leader for designing, planning and implementing End to End Azure Cloud infrastructure solutions
  • Azure cloud platforms across SaaS, PaaS and IaaS services and solutions, designing technical solutions based on requirement
  • Containers, container orchestration, APIs and microservices
  • Participate in Infrastructure architecture discussions which includes capacity planning, environment strategy, as well as and hosting requirements.
  • Performing evaluatation of Custom and third party solutions to suit the organization and brings improvement in customer experience.
  • Define and develop architectural roadmap in order to meet business goals, planning and costing, modernization solutions.
  • Performing implementation of proposed solutions apart from providing technical guidance to teams during the process of solutions development and deployment phases.
  • Provide suggestions to the Customers regarding Azure Governance, Cost Saving Initiatives and achieving Organization wide standards as per the requirements.
Job Description:

We are looking for Cloud Architect (Azure).

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