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Workspace ONE Expert

10-12 Years

Full Time Jobs

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Job Description:

Profile/ Required skills:

  • In-depth knowledge of all Workspace ONE components:
    o UEM
    o Access
    o Intelligence
  • Good knowledge of Workspace ONE UEM REST_APIs
  • Write scripts to automate things
  • Set up integrations with other systems eg SNow, Ping, AD, ...
  • Very good knowledge of Intelligence for reports and automation
  • Up-to-date knowledge of all new Workspace ONE functionalities
  • Knowledge of Workspace ONE secure productivity apps like Content, Web, Boxer, ...
  • In-depth knowledge of all different enrollment options.

Configure new devices in the most efficient way (staging, maintenance, life cycle mgmt) using:

  • Zebra StageNow
  • Samsung Knox & e-fota

Support MDM team (+3 Team members), Good communicator, able to share knowledge

  • At least 5+ years experience with Workspace ONE (We need a WS1 expert, Experience with other MDM tools is not sufficient)
  • Have experience in the previous project(s) where +10k devices are managed, used at +1k Locations/ in multiple Business Units
  • Experience with multiple Mobile device types: Consumer & Rugged devices

Examples of Tasks:

  • Staging of different new types of devices: TC26, CT40, A52, … . TC26 (Rugged devices) are staged in a completely different way
  • Upgrade Workspace ONE DSaaS Platform (2x UAT + 2x PRD)
  • Upgrade procedure XC4S Android 9 -> Android 10 -> Android 11 => Upgrade without user interaction
  • Configuration Knox + e-Fota
  • Workspace ONE – Snow/CMDB integration
  • Workspace ONE integration with Ping
  • Workspace ONE integration with Azure AD.
  • Restructuring the Mail Office folders in Airwatch to allow integration with CMDB.
  • Configuration of personal owned tablets
  • Writing scripts so that manual tasks can be automated
  • Creating incidents with Airwatch and doing proactive follow-up so that incident gets solved

Duration: 6 Months

Location: The Netherlands