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Microservice Developer+ Kafka

1-4 Yrs

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Zaandam, Netherlands


Special Requirement


  • Java9 or java11: interest in system architecture, caching techniques, REST APIs and data modelling.
  • Experience with modern web frameworks-Springboot
  • Should be experienced in working with relational databases such as PostgreSQL along with NoSQL databases such as MongoDB. 
  • Passion to become a part of team and learn from experienced and passionate developers for web, and backend.

Good to have:

  • You also have experience with Kubernetes, Rancher and Azure services such as Azure DevOps/ Github actions
  • Microservices
  • Azure_Cloud
  • DevOps
  • It’s always good to be aware of the frontend technologies such as React or Vue.
  • Experience with modern web frameworks Micronaut, Dropwizard, or Rails
Job Description:

We are looking for Microservice Developer+ Kafka.