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The abacus course from new force services is an astounding amalgamation of all including study material in conjunction with proper supervision from our qualified mentors. the training for abacus course is sure to help the students learn about the topic thoroughly. the study materials given by our tutors include mock tests along with videos. in new force, it is our aim to guide the students accordingly from beginning to end of the course with an easy to understand study session.

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Abacus is the first ever numerical instrument in history that has been used since ancient times to till date to solve mathematical problems by using easy arithmetic system. learning abacus course helps people to execute mathematical equations mentally very efficiently. it is recommendable to everyone including children to enroll in this abacus course which will surely help them to improve their numerical memory.
here, in new force, in the department of university, we offer customized courses on abacus. this course is basically all about mental math and the syllabus contains basic teachings like addition, subtraction, simplify, multiplication, division, square, square root, cube, cube root, percentage, hcf, lcm, equation of vector, logarithm and much more.

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