Aircraft structures

Aircraft structures

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Any machine supported for flight in the air by buoyancy or by the dynamic action of air on its surfaces, especially powered airplanes, gliders, and helicopters.

Course Details :

In today’s world, there is a lot of healthy competition in the field of education to achieve a distinguished career. here, in newforce, we offer an array of courses on various subjects such as engineering, language, management, medicine etc. which is sure to benefit students in their upcoming career needs. in the engineering department, we have a customized course on the aircraft structures.

whom the course is suitable for?
if one has a great interest in the structural development, other integral concepts such as repairing and overall improvement of aircraft and desires to be an aircraft structural engineer someday, then this course is certainly very much suitable for him.

what is aircraft structure engineering?
the aircraft structure engineering is that segment of engineering that shows how to select the right kind of aircraft materials and further analyses the structure of aircraft. this particular engineering course also sheds light on the technical skills required to manufacture, maintain, and repair the aircraft.

what can one learn from our aircraft structure engineering course?
• elaborate study on choosing the definite materials to construct different aircraft
• understanding and analyzing the structure of the aircraft according to the design
• learning about other crucial chapters such as aerodynamics, aircraft metallurgy, quality control regarding aircraft structures

other details regarding the course
here, in newforce, we provide various modes of teachings as per the students’ convenience. we have an amazing group of aircraft structures home tutors and online aircraft structures tutors who offer their invaluable guidance to the students throughout the course. during the teaching sessions, the teacher provides important study materials, conducts mock tests to check the students’ understanding and progress on the subject matter. if the student wants to opt for the aircraft structures home tutors, we schedule teaching sessions as per the student’s timing, at the comfort of his own home. similarly, if the student prefers online sessions, we schedule the teaching sessions via skype or webinar with our finest online aircraft structures tutors.

if you are interested in joining our course on the aircraft structures engineering, please visit our website and register your name. currently, we are also providing free demo for this course where you can request for a demo teaching.

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