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Abaqus fea (formerly abaqus) is a software suite for finite element analysis and computer-aided engineering, originally released in 1978. the name and logo of this software are based on the abacus calculation tool.

Course Details :

There are people out there who have finished their school, colleges and doing jobs but still, they have this burning desire to know about the abaqus subject more. but they don’t get to enroll themselves in a school or college because of the shortage of time, in this scenario the tutoring services like newforce come to the forefront. here in newforce, we offer a customized course on the abaqus.

whom the course is suitable for?
our course on the abaqus is suitable for those who have little to no idea what is abaqus. this course is also suitable for those who want to expand their knowledge on this particular engineering subject to implement the teaching further.

what is abaqus?
the abaqus is actually a software package that is used for fea and aids in the analyzing problems, modelling and designing of mechanical elements, also further apprehending the fea result. this software application helps and provides essential usage in many industries such as the aerospace industry, automotive industry etc.

what can one learn from our abaqus course?
• a very brief and basic idea on the abaqus software
• its association with the engineering studies
• elaborate learning on how one can use this software effectively

other details regarding the course
newfore, being an established tutoring service company, aims at providing best education services to its students. we have an amazing team of tutors, who will guide you throughout your course. here in newforce, the students can choose online abaqus tutors as well as abaqus home tutors as per his convenience. if one wants to take an online course, we will schedule the teaching sessions via skype or webinar with our finest online abaqus tutors. similarly, if the student wants to opt for the abaqus home tutors, then the student can choose the timing and sessions as per his convenience. the tutors not only gives valuable and easy to understand sessions but also provides various study materials, conducts mock tests to improve the student’s learning on the subject.

if you are interested in joining our course on abaqus or have further queries, then please visit our website www.newforceltd.com and register your name with other details. currently, we are also providing free demo for this course where you can request for a demo teaching.

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