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DevOps Platform Engineer

1-4 Yrs

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Eindhoven, Netherlands


Special Requirement

Job Description

Being a member of the OASIS platform team, you will be expected to make sure that the developers are having a stable and state-of-the art development environment that can support Continuous Integration.


  • Active participation for delivering self-service and automation tools
  • Deliver data analytics and end to end monitoring
  • Pro-actively for making potential improvements and present them for evaluation by the team


  • Software engineering or Bachelor’s degree in computer science 


  • Ability to perform DevOps activities, especially in a large development organization
  • Should have worked in Java or C# development team
  • Ability to work in an Agile/scrum team
  • Experince of using Linux and or Windows as an administrator
  • Practical knowledge of Ansible, Puppet, Docker, Azure and VMWare
  • Should be able to work with Apigee, Terraform, Dynatrace, Splunk, and Google_CLoud
  • At least 3 years of working experience

Personal skills

  • Always acting to make the team succeed
  • Focus on building useful relationships in the scope of the project
  • Result driven, “make it happen” attitude
  • Accuracy in working, and provide documented report and communicate well.
  • Ability to switch quickly between levels of abstractions (detailed view vs. system level view)
  • Zeal of continuous improvement, for the development environment and the team’s own performance

Context of the position

In the software development arena, the OASIS team focuses on providing a state-of-the-art development environment. Team consists of IT engineers and development engineers, so it combines the knowledge of development tools, our internal IT infrastructure, as well as the modern development practices.

The team impacts productivity and effectiveness of the 25 scrum teams. Its goal is to optimize the software development continuously. Our activities involves setting up/enhancing Continuous Integration pipelines, development tooling configuration, application life cycle management, maintenance, and support. The OASIS Platform team aims primarily on the IT infrastructure of our development environment. It aligns consistently with the PWD and PWC  DevOps teams to in order to ensure optimal performance of our development environment.

Job Description:

We are looking for DevOps Platform Engineer.


ASML offers Applications Business Line products that are crucial elements in high end semiconductor manufacturing processes. We focus on increasing the capabilities of our world renowned scanners, so they can be used as an actuator to correct distortions caused by other process steps.
Within Applications, the Process Window Control (PWC) and PWD (Process Window Detection) products help our customers to optimize and control their manufacturing processes. Our software helps to provide multiple benefits to our customers so the use of our products is increasing fast. A team of over 400 software developers aligns together with process experts, application engineers, and support specialists to develop our unique market leading applications. Development is done in both Java and C#. Our applications run in both Linux and Windows/.Net environments.

Job Mission

  • To be completed
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